Mining has become the cryptocurrency earning method, which is spoken about the most. Its key feature is that you do not buy bitcoins, lightcoins or ethereums for real money, but “get” them with the help of special equipment. We will talk about how such equipment works, where to buy it and what to look for when making deals in this article. Let’s go!

Due to the increased interest in the production of cryptocurrency, an industry has appeared, specializing in the development and creation of equipment for mining. Unlike paper money, which can only be printed by competent government agencies, a cryptocurrency is created virtually and is not tied to a single money issue center. The basis of its “production” is the solution of complex of mathematical problems for a given algorithm. Of course, no one calculates them manually – special computing devices are used for this purpose.

When the cryptocurrency market was in its infancy, ordinary computers were used for mining. It was enough to run a special computational program on your PC and voila – the calculations are performed, cryptomonets are come onto the account. In particular, this is how the first Bitcoins were mined.

However, with an increase in the turnover of cryptocurrency the requirements for the power of computers increased naturally. The capacity of a regular computer was not enough for quick calculation of necessary blocks, the process was inhibited and the cost of extracting one coin often exceeded its market value.

The way out of this situation was the creation of special ASIC miners (ASICs) consisting of chips “sharpened” exclusively for mining cryptocurrency. Leading manufacturers of computing equipment together took up the development of ASICs, which played into the hands of customers – in the face of high competition, equipment prices gradually leveled off and kept at about the same level.

However, this was not without a “but”. They were reduced chances of tangible earnings with Asiki. After all, as you know, the income from mining is divided into all participants in the process and depends only on the power of the equipment used. In other words, the more people connect to the system, the less will be the income of each individual user. Therefore, in order to reach a noticeable plus, you need to use equipment with higher performance. So there were mining farms – powerful computing complexes consisting of a large number of Asiki or other pieces of mining equipment.

What is happening in the cryptocurrency market today? The popularity of mining is only growing, and manufacturers actively compete with each other, creating all new Asiki, farms and other computers – more powerful, more ergonomic and more profitable.

There are two most attractive ways to buy a good asik, a farm or other equipment for mining – directly from the manufacturer or through an official distributor.

However, if you are not going to buy a batch of equipment in bulk, then cons begin for you. Most large manufacturers do not work with small retail customers – they are interested in large orders, which can earn good money.

Even if you are lucky to find a manufacturer or distributor who is ready to sell you the necessary amount of equipment, you are almost guaranteed to face other difficulties.

If you have firmly decided that you will only buy equipment directly from the manufacturer, look for it in your region. Some Russian companies (for example, BitBaza or ASIC SHOP) work with all CIS countries and even provide customs clearance services.

Residents of Ukraine are advised to pay attention to the companies AsicTrade, Flagma, AsicMarket – here you can not only order the delivery of equipment to your city, but also “catch” a bargain discount or a seasonal sale. Russian cryptocurrency miners can find the necessary equipment in the range of companies PowerMine, Asik Meiner.RF, etc.

You need only one farm, someone can need one asik and someone else can need several new video cards. There are hundreds of such people. By combining your efforts, you will be able to place a bulk order that any manufacturer will accept virtually.

There are special programs that track order windows from selected manufacturers. When the position you need appears in the public domain, the program “detects” it and generates a corresponding report. However, then you still have to look for a person or a company that will take over the customs clearance and delivery of your order.

Applications for catching orders can be found in the range of companies specializing in the development of mining software – for example, Bitcoin Aliens. Search for logistics contractors in proven companies or on thematic forums.

Recently, a huge amount of web resources that specialize in the sale of mining equipment or just include such equipment in its range has appeared. These are intermediaries of course, and their prices will be higher than those of manufacturers or official distributors. Product delivery in most of these stores is limited to large cities and regional centers. However, if another option is not possible, why not?

Large online hardware stores for mining cryptocurrency in CIS countries, BDL (Ukraine), BitMark, 22MH (Russia), MiningShop, (Kazakhstan), etc. You can not only buy the desired asik or farm in these stores, but order assembly of finished equipment.

There are many manufacturers and too much equipment. We counted many ways to buy it. However, the overall picture will not be complete if we do not provide you with useful recommendations that will help you not to miscalculate with the purchase of equipment for mining.

For some reason, many people believe that cryptocurrency mining is different from buying. They think that it does not need any investing. Needless to say, this is nothing more than a delusion of those who have never been mining themselves. Purchase of equipment – this is your investment in the extraction of Bitcoin, ethereum or other cryptocurrency. This investment is unlikely to go unnoticed – the cost of a simple ASIC starts from $ 200. What can we say about tricked farms?

There is another important point – the calculation of profitability. To mine cryptocurrency, you have to spend money on equipment, pay increased electricity bills, periodically buy new parts for your installation.

Powerful and high-performance equipment pay off in a few months in ideal conditions, ordinary asiki – in a year and even more. This is only an exit to zero and plus begins later.

You need to make the appropriate calculations in order to assess whether you should buy this or that equipment, how quickly it will pay off and how much profit it will bring. The easiest way to do this is with a special online calculator – for example, such.

So you will minimize the likelihood that the thorny path to the long-awaited purchase of mining equipment will bring you only a sense of frustration from the fact that the incomes as a result were not at all as high as you expected.

Collect information, look for reliable suppliers, do not neglect shared pools, calculate the profitability of buying equipment and maybe with mining will become the main item of your income?

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